2016 World Scrabble Championship – The Finals

The 2016 World Scrabble Champion will be a Brit – it’s Brett Smitheram vs Mark Nyman for the finals! Brett has never been a world champion, but has been a top expert for years and has come close several times. Mark won in 1993 and has also come very close in the following years. It should be exciting!

The best-of-3 quarterfinals went as follows:

Mark beat Joel

Lewis beat David

Adam beat Allan

and Brett beat Rob

However, for some reason the pairings for the semifinals were not winner of 1v8 vs winner of 4v5. Instead, Mark beat Adam 3-2 and Brett also beat Lewis 3-2. Some fun words – Brett played NEFARIOUS through an N and a U, and Mark triple-tripled (or played a nine-timer, as they say in the UK) with PIDDLERs against poor Adam Logan.

Good luck to both finalists!


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