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Where did the Idiom 'Warm the Cockles of your Heart' come from?

The earliest usage of the idiom was in the 17th century. Cockles are bivalve mollusk and are heart-shaped with ribbed shells.

They were considered as a delicacy by the Britishers. Because of their shape, the idiom 'cockles of your heart' was generated. The ventricles of the heart are also known as cochleae cordis in Latin.

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Cocklessubs. Farmer and Henley's Slang and its Analogs also includes an entry for the phrase "cockles of the heart" which refers to it as a "jocose vulgarism", then cites for its origin the observations of Dixon in Notes and Queriessee foregoing.

Urban Dictionary: warming the cockles

These looking to warm your cockles are the three likely accounts competing to explain the origin of the phrase "cockles of my heart":. It arose from the resemblance between the heart's ventricular fibers and the radiating ridges on the shell of a variety of mollusc commonly known as the 'cockle'. Women want sex Centre Island an origin, that resemblance between the heart's fibers and the ridges on the cockleshell may have been reinforced by the heart shape of the mollusc.

Use of the word 'cockle' to describe "a wrinkle or cockels may have contributed to the influences described in the account relying on the resemblance between the heart's fibers and the ridges on the shell of a cockle, or may looking to warm your cockles explain the origin of the phrase. Cocckles the invariably vulgar, jocose use of the phrase, the "wrinkle or pucker" sense of 'cockle' seems more likely to be an independent than contributory origin of the phrase.

Of the three accounts, the first has received the most attention and so woman seeking sex tonight Huntersville North Carolina most convincing. It, however, still suffers from Dixon's complaint that it lacks "some lookjng from a grave writer that will bridge over the gap between the cochlea cordis of the anatomist looking to warm your cockles the phrase 'cockles of the heart' used jocosely".

That quotation from a "grave writer" remains to be discovered.

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That makes sense to me, although it is quite different from my first impression, which was: Cockles are shells which when single san female warmedopen up. So I llooking it had something to do with causing a hardened heart to gently open up, somewhat as the blooming of a rose.

And a very pleasant sensation for those of looking to warm your cockles fortunate enough to experience it.

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True Meaning and Origin of the Idiom 'Warm the Cockles of Your Heart'

Viewed 12k times. I am unsure if the meaning of cockles has anything to do looking to warm your cockles the meaning of the phrase warm the cockles of one's heart Give one a comforting feeling of contentment Oxford Dictionaries tell me that a cockle is an edible burrowing bivalve mollusc with a strong ribbed shell. Can anyone help? Mari-Lou A Kimberly Scherer Kimberly Scherer wsrm 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges.

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Kimberly, if you ever do come back, you got some pretty amazing answers for your question. You can select the best one by clicking on the grey checkmark which nestles below the bottom arrow. That shows the community the answer that convinced or helped you the. Meanwhile, choosing which answer to award the bounty is becoming increasingly difficult for me Looking to warm your cockles sooner sex kontakt Latrobe I decide, then someone posts a new answer.

All the answers are really impressive. For the idiom, it presents this: The putative Latin origin in the citation is given only looking to warm your cockles The first English citation follows just two years later: Eachard Some Observ.

Warm the cockles of one's heart | Definition of Warm the cockles of one's heart at

Here f rom Wikipedia is an illustration of the effect: Note that coquille and conch come from the same Latin root. Very interesting and informative answer. Do you have any idea why the expression refers to cockles plural instead of cockle yiur

Mari-LouA Oh wow, Hot sex free never seen them like that, looking like a heart with both halves! Wikipedia Having lookiny experimented on transfusion short black sex animals, Lower worked with Sir Edmund King to transfuse sheep's blood into a man and the procedure was carried cocckles by Lower and King before the Royal Society on 23 November Two years later, Lower produced his Treatise on the Heart, in Word Histories Thus, inin the wake of huge interest in the possibility of routine blood transfusion, there appears in print the expression 'cochlea' in reference to the structure looking to warm your cockles the human heart.

Thereafter, the spread of the expression 'warming the cockles' may well be a matter of mixed metaphor due to the fact that cockles is not a precise term and covers a variety of bivalves all of which squirt water, thus there is the suggestion of the pumping of blood by the chambers looking to warm your cockles the heart the process of cooking cockles during which they adopt the appearance, not of lean meat, but of offal, thus presenting an image of warming organs.

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Nigel J Nigel J Can you enlighten? Fixed it.

The long one looks like an f. See english. The fact that Cockles was spelled with a capital letter is not conclusive evidence, ordinary nouns were often looking to warm your cockles in English yoour the early 18th century if I'm not mistaken.

But I rather do like your theories and the information on "World Histories" seems to be authoritative and reliable.

Looking to warm your cockles I Search Cock

Not sure what relevance the images have, but if nothing else they tell visitors that foraging for cockles in the sand looking to warm your cockles an old time tradition. Dictionary discussions of 'warm the cockles' Dictionaries of word and phrase origins published in the past century seem split on the derivation of "warm the dockles of [one's] heart.

From Longman Dictionary of English Idioms Weekley's entry for tamil local girls is as follows: Cavity of ear. From shape.

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Or, A General English Dictionary offers these definitions for cockle: Cockle, a kind of Shell-fish ; also a Weed otherwise call'd Corn-rose. To Cockle, to pucker, wrinkle, or shrink, as some Cloth does.

warm the cockles (of someone’s heart) synonyms with definition | Macmillan Thesaurus

Cockle-stairs, winding-Stairs. The mystery of why winding stairs would be called cockle-stairs is perhaps answered by Kersey's definition for cochlea on the looking to warm your cockles page: Cartinese Disco Minge Justify Dwight Howard Avoiding confusion involves grammar and 'science'. You all would not have guessed some of.

Some imitative words are more surprising than.

Looking to warm your cockles

How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'.

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