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I Am Want Sex Meet What does liking someone mean

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What does liking someone mean

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I ask because recently I found out a girl who I thought I wouldn't have a chance with was interested in me through a friend of hers You can like someone like a friendand then you can be interested in someone as in more than a friend.

When I'm interested i means I want to get to wat them to see if I can like. Please Log In to post.

This topic is locked from further discussion. PandaTrueno86 Follow Forum Posts: Well when I like someone it means that I am either attracted to them or know them enough tht I can date them or chill someoone.

I honestly have no idea. I suck with stuff like that: SubGum Follow Forum Posts: She wants your bod.

Seriously though, don't over think. Ask her out on a date and take it from there if you are also "interested.

man MgamerBD This. Is that a pic of you in your avy? When the person you like is hawt that would be interested. XilePrincess Follow Forum Posts: Joshywaa Follow Forum Posts: XilePrincess This is how i feel about it, i guess.

It means she want to get to know you, simple. PernicioEnigma Follow Forum Posts: I wasn't even aware there was a difference Palantas Follow Forum Posts: I like my mom, whereas I'm interested in your mom.

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