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White mosaic sugar glider

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I have always had an interest in other countries, landscapes, cultures and food. I sleep here every few mos and white mosaic sugar glider like a female to sgar friends and cuddle. I am 45white looking for a freaky girl. You must maine dating services your pic before I send. Can host until 7 pm.

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Look Swinger Couples
City: Joliet, IL
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Mentor For Younger Woman

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They have large ears, which makes them simply look larger. There is also a White White mosaic sugar glider Variety. Other Varieties Not Pictured: White Face like the White Face Blonde has mostly a white face, without a bar under their ears that is seen in most normals.

Mosaics - any pattern broken up by white or another color. Creamino Mosaic - a sugar glider that is showing off two color types at.

Piebald Mosaics - variation of Mosaic in mosxic there is a distinct pattern somewhere in the fur. Some have spots, or beauty marks, while others have symmetrical markings. Reverse Stripe White mosaic sugar glider - any variety of Mosaic with a white line throughout the entire stripe in the back, or a partial stripe.

Normally the stripe is a darker color on any glider, but in this case there is white. Ringtail Mosaics - any pattern broken up by white, along with rings on the tail.

Some rings are quite large, while others are more defined. True Platinum Mosaics - displaying 2 color traits.

White Face Blondes - similar to the Classic Gray, but without the bar under the ear. Fur is more light and silvery all over the body. White Mosaic - has very little coloration on their body other than white. May have a few dark markings or white mosaic sugar glider just a few very light gray markings, but not pure white mosic a Leucistic.

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